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Rent a student house or student room in Southend-on-Sea, for University of Essex, Surrounding Colleges & Dance Academies

View the property. Decide which room you want
Contact our office to pay your initial reservation fee.
The next installment is required within two months of the first payment to fully secure the room.
You will then recieve your online login details via email so you can begin your online application.
Guarantor will then be credit checked..
The website will guide you through each stage of the process.
Once the online process is complete your balance due before moving in will need to be paid.
Once paid the website will allow yourself and guarantors to sign the contracts online
Once signed you can contact our office to arrange collection of your keys.
All rent payments are made through your online account using your login details.

Frequently Ask Questions

What is the cost of the rooms ?

Our room prices start from £103.00 per week. Utilities are fully included in the price per week for each room. This includes water, gas, electric & broadband. At the end of the tenancy, if the total utility usage of the house exceeds the total monies collected, the additional amount will be charged proportional to each student. Students are responsible for the utility usage of their property...

What does a guarantor need ?

A guarantor will need to complete an on-line application which will be verified by a credit reference agency ( Property Risks Limited).We also need two forms of identification, i.e. Driving Licence, Passport. Further information may be required depending on circumstance.

Are internet facilities provided ?

All properties have access to the internet and as stated previously.

What is the minimum contract period ?

The minimum contract period we offer is 43 weeks.

Is the security deposit safe ?

Your security Deposit is registered with the TDS Scheme and your certificate is available on your on-line account for your records. All monies are held in a separate client protected accounts, as required by NALS (National Approved Lettings Scheme). This account cannot be touched by Creditors in the event of insolvency.


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